Since the origin of Women-Church Convergence in the early 70’s, WomenChurch Baltimore members have gathered to enlighten themselves and others about the opportunities available to women to make things better for our Church and society. To this very day, we are seekers, sharers,
supporters and progressive lovers of what is right and just. You will find one of our still active members present, and taking part, in any one of the following meetings, or activities: Call to Action Maryland, Fortunate Families, New Ways Ministries, Women’s Ordination Conference, Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community, Equality Maryland, Faith Communities of Baltimore With Pride, and InterFaith Fairness Coalition of Maryland, to name a few.

We do not have a web-page. We communicate by group e-mail. Our contact person is Erma Durkin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Interested persons may request a placed on the list to receive information.