8th Day Center for Justice, a coalition founded by Catholic religious congregations, acts as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systems and works to change those systems. The Center’s “spirituality of justice” calls the staff of 8th Day ‘to envision a world of right relationships in which all creation is seen as sacred and interconnected. In such a world all people are equal and free from oppression, have a right to a just distribution of resources, and to live in harmony with the cosmos. In light of our faith based vision, our ministry is guided by such goals as:

  • To promote justice, equality and human dignity among all people regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, abilities, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic class.
  • To stand with people who experience violence and discrimination, and communities striving for self-determination.
  • To resist nonviolently the scapegoating and murder of communities or religions under the guise of protecting national interests.
  • To promote environmental sustainability.
  • To foster critical analysis and awareness out of a spirituality of nonviolence and to model this in our work and in society.

Website: www.8thdaycenter.org